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(Berries, Roots, Seeds & Bark)
Allspice, Ground
Allspice, Whole Berries
Anise, Whole Stars
Black Pepper, Fine Grind
Black Pepper, Med. Grind
Celery Seeds, Ground
Celery Seeds, Whole
Cinnamon, Ground
Cumin Seeds, Ground
Cumin Seeds, Whole
Fennel Seeds, Whole
Ginger Root, Ground
Horseradish Root Powder
Mustard Seeds, Ground
Nutmeg Seeds, Ground
Nutmeg Seeds, Whole
Saffron Threads
Szechuan Peppercorns
Turmeric Root, Ground
Wasabi Powder

Dried Chili Peppers
Ancho Chili Pepper, Ground
Carolina Reaper, Ground
Cayenne Pepper, Ground
Chili Powder, Mild
Chipotle Pepper, Ground
Chipotle Pepper, Whole
Ghost Pepper, Ground
Habanero Pepper, Ground
Habanero Pepper, Whole
Jalapeno Pepper, Granulated
Jalapeno Pepper, Ground
Paprika, Hungarian, Sweet
Paprika, Smoked, Sweet
Red Pepper Flakes
Scotch Bonnet Pepper, Ground
Serrano Pepper, Green, Ground
Serrano Pepper, Red, Ground
Tri. Scorpion Pepper, Ground

BBQ & Grilling Seas.
Chicago Steakhouse Dust
Finger Lickin' Chickin' Rub
Gourmet Grilled Burger Seas.
Great Chicago Fire Steak Dust
Jamaican Jerk Seasoning
Jolokia 10 BBQ Rub
Mike’s BBQ Rub (All-Purpose)
Montana Steak Seasoning
No Salt! Grilling Seasoning
Rockin' Rib Rub & BBQ Seas.
Rotisserie Chicken Seasoning
Sweet Desert Heat BBQ Seas.

Dairy/Cheese Powders
Blue Cheese Powder
Butter Powder
Cream Cheese Powder
Orange Cheddar Powder
Parmesan Cheese Powder
Romano Cheese Powder
Sour Cream & Onion Powder
White Cheddar Powder

Misc. Ingredients
Apple Cider Vinegar Powder
Bacon Bits
Balsamic Vinegar Powder
Beer Powder
Buffalo Wing Sauce Powder
Citric Acid (Sour Salt)
Dijon Mustard Powder
Grill Flavor Powder
Hickory Smoke Powder
Hot Sauce Powder
Malt Vinegar Powder
Mesquite Smoked Powder
Red Hot Cinnamon Powder
Salt & Vinegar Powder
Smoky Bacon Flavored Powder
Soy Sauce Powder
Teriyaki Sauce Powder
White Vinegar Powder
Vanilla Powder

Worcestershire Sauce Powder

Popcorn Seasonings
Blue Cheeze Popcorn Seas.
Buffalo Blue Cheeze Pop. Seas.
Butter Flavored Popcorn Salt
Buttery Popcorn Topping
Cheddar Jalapeno Pop. Seas.
Cheezy Pizza Popcorn Seas.
Cheezy Ranch Popcorn Seas.
Chicago Steakhouse Pop. Seas.
Cinnamon Roll Frosting Powder
Dill Pickle Popcorn Seasoning
Fine Popcorn Salt
Loaded Baked Potato Pop. Seas.

Applewood Smoked Salt
Butter Flavored Popcorn Salt
Fine Popcorn Salt
Larry’s Seasoned Salt
Mike’s Dirty Salt
Sea Salt, Table Grind
Seasoning Blends
Balsamic & Sea Salt Seas.
Cajun Seasoning
Chinese Five Spice Powder
Curry Powder, Mild Madras
Firehouse Taco Seasoning (Mild)
Garlic Salt & Pepper Seasoning
Garlic Scampi Butter Seasoning
Ghost Curry (Xtra Spicy)
Larry’s Seasoned Salt
Mike’s Dirty Salt)
Mrs. No Salt Seasoning
New England Seafood Seas.
Pumpkin Pie Spice
Smoky Peppered Bacon Seas.

Herbs (Green & Leafy)
Basil, Cut
Chives, Flakes
Cilantro, Cut
Dill Weed
Italian Herb Blend
Oregano, Cut
Parsley, Cut
Parsley Powder
Peppermint, Cut
Rosemary, Cut
Rosemary, Ground
Sage, Rubbed
Thyme, Cut
Thyme, Ground

Dried Fruits & Veg.
Celery Rib & Leaf Flakes
Garlic Powder
Garlic, Granulated
Garlic, Granulated, Roasted
Garlic, Dry, Minced
Garlic Salt
Green Bell Pepper, Dry, Diced
Green Bell Pepper, Granulated
Green Bell Pepper Powder
Lemon Juice Powder
Lemon Zest Granules
Lime Juice Powder
Onion Powder
Onion, Granulated
Onion, Dry, Minced
Orange Juice Powder
Orange Zest Granules
Red Bell Pepper, Dry, Diced
Red Bell Pepper, Granulated
Spinach Flakes, Dry
Tomato Powder
Tomatoes, Sun Dried, Diced
Holiday Essentials 15% Off @ Firehouse Flavors
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