Malt Vinegar & Sea Salt Seasoning Powder
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Made from scratch at Firehouse Flavors.

Salt and Malt Vinegar Powder, 1 Pound Bulk Bag
Salt and Malt Vinegar Powder, 1 Pound Bulk Bag
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Product Description

Tart and tangy malt vinegar and sea salt in a powdered form ready to sprinkle onto your popcorn, homemade chips, French fries, and especially fried fish. We love it on steamed broccoli. Shelf-stable; will keep for years in an air-tight container.

Net Weight: 16 ounces / 1 pound / 454 grams. Other sizes available. Click here to view/purchase them.

Ingredients: malt vinegar powder (corn maltodextrin, malt vinegar, modified food starch), sea salt, citric acid. Packaged in a facility that packages wheat, milk, soy, egg, sesame, peanuts, and tree nuts.

Volume: 1 cup ≈ 4.64 ounces.