10 inch X 8 inch X 24 inch 5-Gallon Gusseted Poly Bags
3 mil Thickness
100 Bags

Poly Bag 10"X8"X24" 5 Gallon Gusseted 3 mil (100 bags)
Item# PolyBulk4

Product Description

Heavy duty bags are strong yet soft and flexible bags. Natural, translucent polyethylene allows for product visibility. When filled, with gussets expanded, packages stand up on their own. Can be heat sealed, taped, or twist tied. Meets FDA requirements for direct food contact. 3 mil thickness. Perfect for storing large amounts of candy, snacks, spices, and other food items. We use these to line 5 gallon buckets.

Measures 24" tall X 10" wide X 8" deep. Will hold 5 gallons by volume / approx. 20 pounds of food ingredients.

Quantity of 1 = 100 bags.