Sample Pack of Carolina Reaper Pepper Products
Includes 5 Varieties
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Carolina Reaper Sampler Pack (5 Varieties) + FIREHOUSE FREEBIE
Carolina Reaper Sampler Pack (5 Varieties) + FIREHOUSE FREEBIE
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Product Description

I dare you to sample the insane heat of the World's hottest chili pepper in all it's forms! This complete collection of fine peppers and condiments will scorch your tongue and have you begging for more (or mercy). Includes one each of the following:

Packet of Hot Habanero Dip & Spread Mix
Smokin' Hot! Reaper Pepper Dip & Spread Mix
Carolina Reaper Chili Pepper   1/4 oz. Packet of Whole Dried Pods
Carolina Reaper Chili Pepper   Ground Pepper in a 1 oz. Spice Jar   OR   Ground Pepper in a 4 oz. Spice Jar
Carolina Reaper Chili Puree   9 oz. jar of Pepper Mash / Puree   OR   2 oz. Bottle of Pepper Puree
Reaper Pepper Hot Sauce   Reaper Sling Blade Hot Sauce   OR   Foo Foo Mama Choo Hot Sauce

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