Sample Pack of Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Products
Includes 5 Varieties
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Trinidad Scorpion Sampler Pack (5 Varieties) + FIREHOUSE FREEBIE
Trinidad Scorpion Sampler Pack (5 Varieties) + FIREHOUSE FREEBIE
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Product Description

Sample the searing heat the World's second hottest chili pepper has to offer in this complete collection of fine peppers and condiments! What craziness can you create with these inextinguishable items? Includes one each of the following:

Packet of Hot Habanero Dip & Spread Mix
Scorpion Chili Pepper   1/4 oz. Packet of Whole Dried Pods
Scorpion Chili Pepper   Ground Pepper in a 1 oz. Spice Jar   OR   Ground Pepper in a 4 oz. Spice Jar
Scorpion Chili Puree   9 oz. jar of Pepper Mash / Puree   OR   2 oz. Bottle of Pepper Puree
Scorpion Hot Sauce   Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauce   OR   Rogue Hot Sauce (w/ Scorpion & Ghost Peppers)
Select One   Sweet Desert Heat BBQ Seasoning   OR   Trinidad Scorpion Chili Magic Plant Growing Kit

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