French Herb & Garlic Spread Mix
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Made to order "from scratch" just for you!

French Herb & Garlic Spread Mix, 1 Pound Pantry Bag
French Herb & Garlic Spread Mix, 1 Pound Pantry Bag
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Product Description

If you like rich, creamy Boursin R cheese, you'll love this! Fresh-tasting herbs with the bite of garlic. Spread on bread and crackers; use it to stuff mushrooms. Also makes a garlic herb dip.
All Natural Ingredients
No added MSG
Gluten Free
Vegetarian / Vegan
Made from scratch, to order, from our original recipe
Net Weight
1 Lb. (454 grams)
Makes approx. 25.8 packets of mix/recipes of dip
Mix With
Cream Cheese & Milk & Butter
Cream Cheese & Milk
Sour Cream
Serve With
Vegetable Sticks
Potato Chips
French Bread Cubes
Alternate Names
Boursin Cheese Spread Mix
Garlic & Herb Spread Mix
Just Like Boursin Spreadable Cheese Mix
Chive 'N Cheese Spread Mix
Shelf Life
3+ Years
Store for 5+ years out of sunlight, below 70 degrees Fahrenheit
Heat Level
2 out of 10 (Mild)
#1 Ingredient: Garlic
Allergens: None
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