Savory Party Dip & Cheese Ball Mixes
Made from scratch at the Firehouse Flavors

Savory Party Dip & Cheese Ball Mixes

Need a quick fix for that salty-snack craving or an instant appetizer for a party? Look no further than our original-recipe dip and spread mixes!

Offered in single recipe pouches for home use, 1 pound bags to save you money, cases of 24 packets, and 5 pound bulk bags for repackaging to sell.

U-Pick Savory Dip Mix Sampler Pack, Choose 10 Flavors
U-Pick Savory Dip Mix Sampler Pack, Choose 20 Flavors + FIREHOUSE FREEBIE
Sicilian Bread Dipping Oil Seasoning Mix"Bacon Lettuce Tomato" BLT Dip Mix & Spread Mix
Spicy Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) Dip Mix & Spread MixCheddar Beer Dip Mix & Cheeseball Mix
New England Crab Dip & Spread MixGarlic Pepper Parmesan Dip Mix & Dressing Mix
Onion Horseradish Dip Mix & Spread MixWarm Pepper Jack Dip Mix
Char-Grilled Cheeseburger Dip & Spread MixDill Pickle Dip & Spread Mix
Smoked Cheddar Jalapeno Dip & Spread MixSmokin' Hot! Reaper Pepper Dip & Spread Mix
Irish Pub Spread MixGroovin' Green Onion Dip & Spread Mix
Blue Buffalo Dip & Spread MixTomato Horseradish "Red Stallion" Dip Mix & Spread Mix
Garden Spinach Dip & Spread MixSouthwest Chipotle Dip Mix & Spread Mix
Chipotle Ranch Dip Mix & Dressing MixButtermilk Ranch Dip Mix & Dressing Mix
No Salt! Buttermilk Ranch Dip Mix & Dressing MixCheezy Ranch Dip Mix & Dressing Mix
French Herb & Garlic Spread MixCheezy Pizza Dip Mix & Spread Mix
Dillicious Dill Dip & Spread MixRoasted Garlic, Onion & Pepper Dip Mix & Dressing Mix
Smoky Onion Dip & Spread MixHot Diggity Clam Dip Mix & Spread Mix
Cajun Shrimp Dip Mix & Spread MixMild Firehouse Taco Dip Mix
Fresh Onion Dip Mix & Spread MixZesty Garden Vegetable Dip Mix & Spread Mix
Loaded Baked Potato Dip & Spread MixOink 'N Onion Dip Mix & Spread Mix
Roma Romano Dip Mix & Dressing MixGreen Chile 'N Chive Dip & Spread Mix
Blue Cheeze Dip & Dressing MixCreate-Your-Own Salsa Mix, 5 Pound Bulk Bag
French Onion Soup Mix & Dip Mix