"A Way to the Heart" Cookbook by Robbie Rice

"A Way to the Heart" Cookbook by Robbie Rice
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A Way to the Heart: Recipes for the food everyone loves
A Way To The Heart: Recipes for the food everyone loves. All the most popular recipes from Robbie's Recipes online!
There's a recipe for every occasion and every cook's skill level.
Order one for your yourself and one as a gift and save!
  • 242 Pages

  • 346 Delicious Recipes

  • 100's of Cooking Tips

  • 16 Themed Menu Suggestions

  • Measurement Conversions

  • Temperature Equivalents (C to F)

  • Spiral-Bound to Stay Open

  • Durable Vinyl Cover

Comments from book buyers:
Keep up the great work Robbie. I really enjoyed your cookbook and it was worth every penny.

Hello Robbie,
I am a huge fan of your recipes and a proud owner of your cookbook! Whenever I am looking for a tasty snack or delicious meal to make, I look to you.
Loving Your Recipes,

Just wanted to say great website! I stumbled across it doing a yahoo search for waffle receipe. Bought three of your cookbooks, and plan to tell everyone I know about it.
Laura M.

Hi Robbie,
I ordered your cookbook like a year ago and I love it!
Nicole M.

I collect cookbooks and I received " A Way To The Heart" today in the mail. I do not know who sent it to me, but I love it. I am now a great fan and love your web site. I have added you to my favorites.

I really love your recipe book, by following your recipe I have made the most delicious meat dinners. My family belives that it is me and that maybe I'm taking cooking lesson because the food is so good. Thank You!!!

Robbie, I received the book yesterday. I was so thrilled to be able to have my morning coffee and look the pages of wonderful recipes in your book. I didn't realize you have a chock full of recipes. I really got my money's worth. I find it warming to find a fellow person who lives for the joy of cooking and the joy of sharing our wonderful meals with loved ones. I too am grateful for my mother's cooking talents and that she genetically shared her gift with me for the love of cooking. My father and mother were born in Czechoslovakia. The woman are excellent bakers there which my mom has passed on to me. I get all warm inside when I see my oldest daughter and youngest son take interest in the recipes I cook and their desire to learn too. I laughed with joy when I read your passage about your mom eating your samples of dry muffins and cold pancakes when you first started cooking in your youth and you can't wait till your daughter starts in the first phases of cooking in youth too. I remember a Betty Crocker cookbook that my mother purchased for my twin brother and I when we were just in grade school. I remember watching her bake and wanting to help her with a wonderful family recipe of Linzer tart. To this day very day, people rave about this recipe. It's time consuming for rolling out all the lattice work but well worth the effort when it's completed. I hope to cherish some of yours that are offered in the book too. I love all your tips too at the bottom of the pages. I have a big supply of cookbooks that I've picked up over the years and find I only get a few out of each book. I'm always on the look out for new family recipes and when I meet people I usually get a chance to find out if they have a favorite to share with me.
I too would love to write a cook book of all my favorite recipes. You are inspiring to me.
Happy baking and cooking Robbie. I'm glad I found you.
Linda S.

I just had to write in to tell you how much I love your cook book. For a long time I'd searched for a great spinach and artichoke dip recipe but it wasn't until I stumbled upon your site did I find that special recipe. My friends and I use to frequent Houston's restaurant specifically for their spinach artichoke dip, now they are begging me to make some. Why? Because of your recipe! It is awesome! Because the spinach artichoke dip was so good, I decided to give your cook book a try. I was so impressed, you didn't waste a lot on pretty colors or hard covers, you gave us over 200 great recipes and for only $17! I have bought so many pretty and expensive cook books but none of them compare to yours in quality, not of the book but the recipes inside! I just tried your chewy sugar cookies and they turned out great, it was so easy! I felt bad because I have a 19 month daughter and although I was a great cook, I was terrible at baking. But your recipes make it simple and turn out delicious! So watch out PTA meetings, here I come with my chewy sugar cookies! I have referred your book to my friends!
Utokia L.
Washington, DC

Thank you so much for your web site. I've been visiting your site for a couple years; first for the creamed spinach recipe. I bought a few of your cookbooks last year and LOVE it. So many great recipes that my family (even my little picky eaters) enjoys making together and eating together. Greek Chicken, Chicken Cordon Bleu in the Skillet....there's actually way too many to list.

Hello Robbie,
Just a note to let you know that I received your cookbook. I appreciate your time & talent in compiling such a wonderful book. This one will get alot of use! Thank you.
May the Lord Bless you & your family,

Robbie, I've enjoyed your website for several months now. I just received my copy of your cookbook today, and look very forward to trying the recipes out! Thank you very much for providing a great service to all of us aspiring chefs out there! Note: My favorite recipe is the honey barbeque wings! Yum!
Ken B.
North Carolina USA

Hi Robbie:
I received my cookbook and have used it twice already. I just love it. Thank you so much.
Betty Henfrey

Got your cookbook about 6 months ago and so far everything I made from it has turned out to be really good!!!!! Thanks Kathy
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