Cheesy Ranch Dip, Spread & Dressing Mix
Made from scratch at Firehouse Flavors

Cheezy Ranch Dip Mix & Dressing Mix, 1 Packet
Cheezy Ranch Dip Mix & Dressing Mix, 1 Packet
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Product Description

White cheddar cheese, sweet cream buttermilk, fresh-tasting herbs, onion, and garlic blended together to make a classic dip, salad dressing, and spread. It's also great sprinkled onto popcorn, French fries, potato chips, chicken tenders, and other breaded, fried foods.
No MSG added
Gluten Free
Made from scratch, to order, from our original recipe
Net Weight
& Yield
1.07 oz. (30g)
Approx. 2 cups of dip
Mix With
1 cup Mayonnaise and 1 cup Sour Cream (Dip)
2 cups Lite Sour Cream or Non-Fat Yogurt (Reduced Fat Dip)
1 1/4 cups Mayonnaise and 3/4 cup Milk (Salad Dressing)
8 oz. Cream Cheese & 1/4 cup Milk (Dip/Spread)
Serve With
Vegetable Sticks
Potato Chips
Shelf Life
2+ Years. Store for 5+ years out of sunlight, below 70 degrees Fahrenheit
Heat Level
1 out of 10 (Mild)