About the Firehouse Pantry

At the Firehouse Pantry, our goal is to bring you a sampling of the very best in gourmet foods. We're not talking the fancy schmancy stuff here, but real good food you can't always find at the grocery store. Whenever possible, we purchase products made in the USA, and especially those made in the good ol' state of Ohio. We've tasted everything we sell and stand by each and every product 100%. Hope you like 'em too!

To keep things as fresh as possible and priced reasonably, we package many of the foods we offer: herbs and spices, candy, and gourmet mixes. Oh, did I forget to mention we make most of the gourmet mixes from scratch? Yep, we scribbled down a few recipes of our own, mixed 'em up, and have been selling the heck out of 'em since 2004.
Robbie & Mike Rice   The Firehouse Pantry is surely a "Mom & Pop Shop", owned and operated by Mike & Robbie Rice. Mike is a full time firefighter and cook at his firehouse. Robbie hosts a recipe web site, Robbie's Recipes, and has published a cookbook.

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