Char-Grilled Flavored Powder
5 Lb. Bulk Bag

Grill Flavor Powder, 5 Pound Bulk Bag
Grill Flavor Powder, 5 Pound Bulk Bag
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Grill Flavor Powder, 5 Pound Bulk Bag

When I first tasted this powder, memories of backyard barbecues came to mind immediately. Add it to anything you want to taste charbroiled / chargrilled without the flame, including meat, poultry, vegetables, snack foods, seasonings, dips, gravies, soups, and sauces. We like to sprinkle it onto ground beef patties with a little seasoned salt and pan-fry for a fabulous winter-time burger . Recommended usage is 0.5% by weight. Off-white, water-dispersible, free-flowing powder.

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Net Weight: 5 Pounds / 80 ounces / 2.27 kg. Quantities of 2 or more will be packaged into 1 bag.

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Volume: 1 pound = approx. 3.85 cups.

Ingredients: gum Arabic, natural flavor, tricalcium phosphate. Packaged in a facility that also packages wheat, milk, soy, egg, peanuts, and tree nuts.


Char-Broiled Cheese Burgers
When the weather outside is frightful, make this indoor burger delightful!

2 Lbs. ground beef (80/20 is best)
1/2 medium onion, grated
2 Tbls. Worcestershire sauce OR Worcestershire Sauce Powder
1 Tbls. Seasoned Salt, Rotisserie Chicken Seasoning, or Rockin' Rib Rub
2 Tbls. minced fresh garlic OR 1 Tbls. Dried Minced Garlic
1 1/2 tsp. Grill Flavor Powder
6 slices cheddar cheese (optional)
6 hamburger buns

~ In a bowl, knead together all ingredients, except cheese and buns. Form mixture into 6 patties.
~ Place patties onto a greased broiler pan and cook under a hot broiler until top side has browned. Flip and cook until other side has browned. If burgers are not cooked through, turn oven to Bake at 375 degrees and finish off.
~ Top with cheese and return to oven until cheese has melted.
~ Serve on buns with desired condiments.