Custom Recipe Creation Services

Custom Recipe Creation Services

If we don't already offer something you want, we can make it just for you! These are the types of products we currently manufacture, but we'll blend almost anything if we have or can easily acquire the ingredients.

These are the 3 types of custom blending requests we typically handle and the process in which we handle them:

  • You want us to create a blend just for you
    • E-mail your request to Include as many details as you can think of.
    • If we have the ingredients to make it (or can acquire them easily) and are confident we can make it, we'll ask for the $50 Recipe Creation Fee.
    • We'll make a trial run or two and send you samples. Provide feedback. We'll tweak the recipe, if need be, and send samples again.
    • Once a satisfactory recipe is achieved, we'll generate pricing.
    • If a satisfactory recipe is unable to be achieved, we may partially refund the Recipe Creation Fee, depending on time and resources used
  • You already have a recipe and want us to blend it for you, click here for Standard Custom Blending Services.
  • You want us to tweak one of our existing blends to your needs (i.e. blend two products together, make it salt free, omit the cilantro, etc.), click here for Standard Custom Blending Services.

Pricing & Ordering:

  • The price of your blend is calculated by the cost of ingredients, number of ingredients, whether or not it needs special treatment (food processor, sifted, etc.), and how much you order at a time. You'll be given pricing for several sizes. The more you buy, the lower the price per pound.
  • There is a 10 pound minimum order for custom blends.
  • We can offer huge price breaks starting at 500 pounds.
  • To order/reorder your custom blend, simply send us an e-mail, text us at 937-533-3310, or add it to an order you're placing from our web site by entering your request in the Comment section.
  • All custom blend orders qualify for our $5 Shipping offer, though many other shipping options are available.
  • Custom blend orders cannot be cancelled once placed, nor can they be returned.

Recipe Ownership & Usage:

  • Once a recipe has been created for you, you can purchase the blended ingredients at any time as long as we remain in business. However, the actual recipe itself is the property of All Mixed Up, Ltd. and will not be disclosed. We reserve the right to sell the custom blend to other customers.
  • If you would like to purchase the recipe and exclusive rights to it, you can do so for a $50 fee. Once paid, we will send you the full ingredient list with measurements in pounds, as well as the specific method for mixing. The blend will be exclusively made for you; we will not offer it to any other customer.
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