Gelatin Mix, Unflavored & Unsweetened

Gelatin Mix, Unflavored & Unsweetened

Product Details: Unflavored gelatin allows you to create any number of jiggly treats, limited only by your imagination. It has no flavor of its own and contains no sugar, unlike the popular little boxes of supermarket gello, which is mostly sugar with artificial flavors and colors added. Make natural fruit gelatin with real fruit juice, savory aspics, whips, mousses, and more. Lately, our gelatin mixes have been very popular in the making of CBD gummies and other edibles.

Basic Directions:
Sprinkle 1 Tbls. gelatin over 1 cup hot liquid. Stir until gelatin has dissolved. Stir in 1 cup cold liquid. Chill until set.

type A 250 bloom gelatin (made from pork skin). Packaged in a facility that also handles wheat, milk, soy, egg, sesame, peanuts, and tree nuts.

Nutrition Facts:
Click here for data per 14 gram serving.

1 pound makes approx. (200) 1/2 cup servings of prepared gelatin. 1 Tablespoonful is the equivalent of 1 packet of commercial unflavored gelatin.

Volume: 1 cup ≈ 0.32 pounds / 1 pound ≈ approx. 3.09 cups

Country of Origin:

Shelf Life: 3+ Years when stored at room temperature or below in an air-tight container out of direct light

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