Mild Firehouse Taco Seasoning
50 Lb. Bulk Bag
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Firehouse Taco Seasoning (Mild) 50 Pound Bulk Bag
Firehouse Taco Seasoning (Mild) 50 Pound Bulk Bag
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Firehouse Taco Seasoning (Mild) 50 Pound Bulk Bag

Have you looked at the ingredient list of those packets of taco seasoning? There are so many unnecessary components. We thought you might enjoy a real, natural, Southwest seasoning blend for your ground meat. The chili peppers, garlic, and authentic spices provide a robust flavor. No MSG. All natural ingredients.

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Net Weight: 50 Pounds / 22.68 kg. Other sizes available. Click here to view/purchase them.

Taco Meat Directions: In a skillet over medium heat, brown 1 lb. ground meat (chicken, turkey, beef); drain off fat. Stir in 1/3 cup water and 2 Tbls. seasoning. Simmer for 5 minutes.

Taco Dip Directions: Stir together 3 Tbls. Firehouse Taco Seasoning with 2 cups (16 oz.) sour cream or plain yogurt. Chill for 2 hours before serving. Tastes great with corn chips, tortilla chips, and veggie sticks.

Heat Level: 2/10 (Mild)

Ingredients: sea salt, minced onion, crushed & ground spices, chili powder, minced garlic, red bell pepper, garlic powder, cilantro flakes.

Volume: 1 pound = approx. 2.82 cups.

Country of Origin: USA.

We use this in our Smokin' Hot Reaper Pepper Dip Mix, Spicy Jolokia Dip Mix, and Southwest Chipotle Dip Mix.