Firehouse Bloody Mary Mix, Mild, 5 Pound Bulk Bag

Firehouse Bloody Mary Mix, Mild, 5 Pound Bulk Bag

Firehouse Bloody Mary Mix, Mild, 5 Pound Bulk Bag
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Bloody Marys are everyone's favorite excuse to drink any time of the day. Make one with our sinfully delicious mix and you'll want to drink them all day! Perfectly seasoned and easy to mix - just shake with tomato juice, vodka and ice. This mix was created due to the overwhelming response to Mott's discontinuing their Beefamato. When you shake our Bloody Mary Mix with tomato juice, the results will be quite similar - only better!

Heat Level 2/10. Mild. Also available in Spicy Bloody Mary Mix

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Net Weight: 5 pounds / 80 ounces / 2.27 kg. Quantities of 2 or more will be packaged into one bag.

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Abbreviated Ingredients: low sodium beef bouillon, celery salt, seasoned salt, Worcestershire sauce powder, horseradish, spices, smoked Serrano pepper. Contains wheat and soy. Packaged in a facility that also packages wheat, milk, soy, egg, peanuts, and tree nuts.


Recipe: Bloody Mary Cocktail
The classic with all the bells and whistles, only easier!

1 shot vodka (we love Absolut Peppar)
2 - 3 tsp. Bloody Mary Mix
up to 12 fl. oz. (1.5 cups) tomato juice

~ Fill a pint glass half way with ice, pour in vodka and Bloody Mary Mix, then fill glass with tomato juice.
~ Shake well.
~ Garnish with a lime wedge and/or green olives.

Rim Job: One of my favorite "garnishes" for a Bloody Mary is to coat the rim of the glass in some sort of seasoning. I like to use Seasoned Salt, Bacon Seasoning, and Steak Rub.

Variations in Liquor:
Bloody Maria ~ Tequila replacing vodka
Bloody Pirate ~ Dark rum replacing vodka
Bloody Scotsman ~ Scotch replacing vodka
Bloody Bishop ~ Sherry replacing vodka
Bloody Geisha ~ Sake replacing vodka
Bloody Molly ~ Irish whiskey replacing vodka
Ruddy Mary ~ Gin replacing vodka


Recipe: Bloody Mary Cheese Ball
Popular cocktail turned appetizer. Serve with Wheat Thins.

8 oz. cream cheese - softened
2 Tbls. milk
4 tsp. Bloody Mary Mix
2 Tbls. tomato powder OR 3 Tbls. tomato paste

~ With an electric mixer on low speed, beat together all ingredients.
~ Roll mixture into a ball. If desired, coat the ball in chili powder, fresh chopped chives, or crumbled bacon.
~ Chill at least 2 hours before serving.


Recipe: Bloody Mary Party Dip
Rich, creamy tomato dip seasoned with Worcestershire, horseradish, and spices. Serve with celery, pretzels and potato chips.

1 cup real mayonnaise
1 cup sour cream
2 Tbls. Bloody Mary Mix
2 Tbls. tomato powder OR 3 Tbls. tomato paste

~ Stir together all ingredients.
~ Chill at least 2 hours before serving.

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