Amish Country Buttery Popcorn Topping

Amish Country Buttery Popcorn Topping

Item# DVButterPopcornTop

Why does your popcorn never taste as good as that in the movie theatre? Because you're not using this buttery oil at home! Pop your popcorn in it over the stove or in a popcorn maker. You can even drizzle it over air-popped or traditional popcorn for an extra buttery flavor! 

Net Weight: 16 oz. / 1 pint / 472ml

Ingredients: partially hydrogenated soybean oil with artificial butter flavor, TBHQ with citric acid, beta carotene, methylsilicone.


Recipe: Perfect Stovetop Popcorn
Reclaim the lost art of homemade popcorn! No chemicals, no greasy bags. Just fluffy popped corn, oil, and your choice of toppings.

3 Tbls. Buttery Popcorn Topping
1/2 cup unpopped popcorn
1/2 tsp. popcorn salt

~ Pour the Popcorn Topping into a 2 or 3 quart saucepan/pot over medium-high heat. Drop in 2-3 kernels of popcorn.
~ Once a kernel pops, quickly pour in remaining popcorn, sprinkle with salt, drop in butter, and cover with lid.
~ As soon as the kernels start popping, constantly shake the pan back and forth until the popping slows down.
~ When the pops slow to about 2 seconds apart, remove pan from the heat and pour into a serving bowl.
~ Taste and season with additional salt and melted butter, if desired.

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